Mandela 100 at New Theatre Royal

Rugby For Unity

Below are pictures from Portsmouth Grammar School school on 5th July. Workshops on Mandela 100 day at the school. The pupils participated in South African Gumboot dancing, African Djembe drumming, and we were treated to poetry readings written by pupils about peace, equality, collaboration, and non-racialism.

Beautiful works of art depicting Nelson Mandela from the pupils at Portsmouth Grammar School

Fratton Community picnic 2018


Highbury primary school pupils participating in Mandela 100 activities

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rugby for unity event

Sport-minded locals had the opportunity to reflect on Mandela’s use of rugby football as a
tool for bringing together his ‘rainbow nation’ for the glory of their country South Africa, regardless of their differences. AWF fielded an RFU-sanctioned tournament of teams on 6th May at the Portsmouth Rugby Club grounds in Hilsea to explore this unifying approach of teams working together to win for their respective clubs.

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